Warehouse Cleaning and Sealing

Jacksonville, Fl.

Asked to clean and seal a warehouse floor during its conversion into a manufacturing facility, We were able to provide the owner with a floor which was harder and more impervious to future staining.  One which the owner no longer needs to worry about "dusting out" on him in the way untreated concrete floors would have.  One of his long term goals was to not have to deal with an industrial floor which would eventually "peel up", in the manner of epoxies and other film surfaces.  In this instance, the process involved cleaning the floor with industrial citris cleaners which not only do an amazing job, they open the pores of the concrete as well.  We then applied a liberal amount of quality densifier into the slab.  Once absorbed and dried, a lite burninshing of the surface brought out a nice industrial sheen.  Short of a full diamond honed polished concrete process, this low cost solution "delivers" for tens of thousands of floors nationwide.