EVERYTHING WEARS..... Even Concrete flooring! - Seriously !

For many years, concrete flooring has been sold/marketed as a "no maintenance" flooring solution...... NOT TRUE.

Everything wears. Putting this into perspective, just look at what a little stream of water did in creating the 'Grand Canyon'.  Yes, if flowing waters can carve the Grand Canyon, even concrete floors will wear over time. Investigate  concrete maintenance, advances in concrete floor maintenance solutions and how Polished Concrete Atlanta can stem this wear, putting you on the path to a 20-30 year beautiful flooring solution.

When concrete floors are not properly maintained, it is as if you are handing your clients 40 grit "slippers" of sandpaper.  Unless this grit is addressed, the end result is dull flooring and dirty looking surfaces. 

Lets look at daily preventive maintenance by asking a few questions:

Do you have a mat on the outside as well as on the inside of your public entrances? Why would you want these?

      Answer: By placing walk off mats on both sides of your entry, you ensure a majority of the grit being carried to the store is held in the mats, & not brought into the facility. - (Have you noticed mats or carpeted areas at the entry of grocery stores? They also capture much of the moisture carried into the facility, greatly reducing slip and fall issues.)  These low cost mats are high return investments, relating to overall concrete floor maintenance.

Are you removing grit on a regular basis?  Why? When is the best time to do this?

      Answer: Each day, after business hours, it makes sense to dust mop the surface of your concrete flooring.  This way, accumulation of the days' grit will not build up and grind into the surface the following day.  Some entities prefer to do this mid day, yet each facility and their needs are different. Dust mopping is fast and easy.  The long term "return" in doing this is exceptional. Without regular grit removal, the floor will dull rapidly.

What is the best way to Clean, Protect and Maintain the integrity and appearance of concrete flooring? 

     Answer: Regular use of an Auto scrubber with the proper cleaning/maintenance solution, combined with proper cleaning pads. *** NOT cleaning pads alone!

     Auto Scrubbers are extremely efficient in removing ground-in dirt and debris.  It is extremely important to match the auto scrubber's chemical cleaning/maintenance additives to the specific flooring system installed.  

     Depending on whether the floor has a stain guard upon it or not, there we can provide "maintainer" products, which, when added to the autoscrubber, will REPLACE that which foot traffic wears off.  We have maintainers which also extends the life of the best stain guard currently available in the marketplace, as well as one which improves the look, shine and hardness of smooth troweled and non stain-protected flooring.

What about Stain Guards? Are all Stain Guard products basically the same? 

     Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT !  Some of the most recognized stain guard materials available in this industry simply do not provide the assurance of stain protection expected by end users.  Although all refer to stain resistance, we have only discovered ONE stain guard which actually works as expected.  Not only does it perform exceptionally well, as foot traffic continues to wear down the floor, there is a "Maintainer" product which is added into an auto scrubber, replacing stain guard elements which wears/walks off. Regular use of this maintainer will add additional stain resistance and greatly extend the time between re-coating.  When it does come time to recoat, there is no stripping, as in the case with floor wax. and it can be handled by in-house resources, if desired.  An industry "game changer". These are CERTIFIED GREEN materials to boot!

How long (on average), do spills remain on YOUR concrete surfaces?

     Answer: Concrete is a reactive & porous material which can stain easily.  Does your concrete have a stain guard product applied?  Is it performing as advertised? Do you know what stain guard material was applied?  Why does the concrete still stain easily?  

     Understanding your floor and how it was initially installed is important in the long term maintenance of this investment.  Some floors are only sealed with densifiers, others have had a stain guard installed.  We have maintenance solutions for both. For example, Polished Concrete Atlanta can prep and install the Iron Guard stain protection system over most existing inferior stain guard solutions AND maintain it with auto scrubber additives for continual stain guard protection, greatly extending reapplication cycles.  Basic industry stain guards cannot hold up to most food or medical industry stain materials for more than a couple of minutes before damage occurs.  Iron Guard is the toughest, most resilient concrete stain guard material in the industry and handily holds up against staining for many hours, prior to damage taking hold.  A huge "game changer" in the concrete floor industry.

     Although spills should be addressed immediately, with Iron Guard, you have a much longer window of clean up before stains develop.  At installation, Iron Guard also does not take 7-14 days to develop its stain resistance capability.  Within minutes of installation, it is fully protecting your investment.  In facilities where food/medical spillage is not a concern and the floors do not have a stain guard installed, regular use of Perfect Purple cleaner and floor conditioner will harden, dustproof and increase the shine of these floors, making them even more resistant to staining or marking.  Staining materials not picked up overnight or left for extended periods can attack Iron Guard and may still stain.  It is still imperative to address spills quickly. 

Can Staining be removed?

     Answer: Yes, we have been extremely successful in removing some of the worst staining in polished concrete flooring.  We grind under the stain to remove it, then build the floor back up until we apply either Iron Guard stain resistance materials or seal with penetrating sealers such as lithium densifiers.

What is Concrete Floor Rejuvenation?  How often is it needed?

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