What is the scope of work required?

     The floor is abraided with cleaning equipment to remove surface contaminants, then cleaned to remove any debris. Once the floor has dried, we apply several coats of either a penetrating stain guard or sealer.  Depending on requested sheen, we may burinish the slab with floor machines, once the sealers have dried.

If the floor requires it, optionally & at additional cost, floor grinders will be used in the clean up aspects of this work.

Cleaned And Sealed Concrete Flooring -     

     A method of achieving a very low maintenance, useable concrete floor surface.  Cleaned and sealed concrete floor finishing requires the installation of only a subset of the full diamond honed and polished concrete flooring system. It therefore costs a good bit less per sq ft. The character of the floor remains.  Discoloration, hairline cracks, etc all remain.  The floor is sealed from dusting and can be waxed for a higher sheen.